Tuesday, February 11, 2014

An Interview with Felicia Alphonse

Do you personally know Felicia Alphonse? If not, you're missing out! She's a gift to everyone she meets. We are so very blessed to have her as a member of Celebration Church.  Here's an opportunity to find out more about the awesomeness that is, Felicia.

Felicia, where are you originally from? 

I was born in Bronx, New York and I lived there until I was about 8 years old, but I grew up for the most part in Virginia. 

When did you say YES to Jesus?  

In the spring of 2009 I said YES to Jesus. I was at a dark place in my life or so I thought. Even then I knew Jesus was the only true way. You see on October 30, 2006 God saved my life and the lives of my girls (that is an amazing story that I will share with you one day) so, Jesus was real to me even before 2009.  After all, my Mother was a woman of faith and she made sure I knew about Jesus. For me between October 30, 2006 and 2009 I was going through trials and tribulations, I had to come to a point where Jesus was really my one and only true Lord and Savior. During that time God never gave up on me. He continued to pull on my heart until I welcomed His Son Jesus in. Today I am a Joint Heir with Jesus and an Heir to God my Father the Great I AM.

Can you share with us how you ended up at Celebration Church? What brought you to the church and what drew you back a second time?

I often have my car detailed on Saturdays at the place on the corner by the Church. While the car is being detailed my daughter and I always walk through the neighborhood. I noticed a vehicle parked at the church and I always wondered about the Church so, I went to the door. Pastor Deanna answered the door and I asked what kind of church it was. I’m sure she thought I was crazy. I went on to say I was getting my car detailed next door and I often walked past the yet I knew nothing about the church. We were then invited in and Pastor Deanna began to tell me and my daughter Gia all about the church. She gave us a tour and invited us to Sunday service. Gia and I felt good about what I thought was a chance encounter. 

There was something in Pastor Deanna’s spirit that drew me during my tour and while speaking with her. I was able to be open concerning my struggles and also share the matters of my heart from the very start. I never intended to do those things when I went to the door. I just wanted to know the denomination of the Church. 

After that first chance Saturday encounter with Pastor Deanna, I had to attend a Sunday service.  One week later Gia and I made our first visit, which happened to be about two weeks before Thanksgiving. I absolutely adored everything about it! The experience was a breath of fresh air. I was so excited and amazed. The praise and worship, The Word, the fellowship and not mention the Children’s Church for Gia were all just what we needed. It felt like family and we have been attending ever since.

How many children do you have? Can you share a bit about each one?

I have two beautiful girls. Toy is 26 years old and Gia is11 years old. Currently Toy lives in Virginia. She is a poet and an inspiring artist and quite good at both. Toy’s passion lies in her art work and she longs to work fulltime as an artist. We just discovered that Gia is an amazing artist as well and she is proving to be great in gymnastics. She recently started gymnastics and has moved up to advanced classes. Please keep us in prayer that I my work schedule will soon allow me to be able to accommodate her gymnastics schedule. Gia loves the Lord, has a big heart and is very loving and caring little girl.

You are a lady of many talents and roles. Can you share with us your career and interests?

Presently I am an Academic Advisor (College Students) and a Counselor. I take great joy in speaking positive into the lives of the people I come into contact with and motivating them to be their best. It is my belief that as long as you are alive it is never too late to turn things around for the better. Change is never easy, but it is attainable with God. I have a love for helping others reach their full potential. As a Counselor my clients usually vary from ages 24 – 97.
I am currently pursuing certification as a Sexual Addictions Treatment Provider and awaiting my credentials as a Board Certified Christian Counselor.  One of my greatest rewards is helping those in need of relationship and intimacy counseling.

As a Counselor I want to find the best way to use the gifts God has given me to aid people who are hurt or struggling. I have been blessed with the opportunity to facilitate a Single Mother’s Group, and in the near future I would also like to facilitate a group for spouses of sexual addicts. A long term goal I have is to open a transitional home for single working mothers, women who are slightly over the income guidelines for assistance in other areas. Additionally, I aspire to bring my mission to an international base and provide counseling wherever it is needed in the world. 

What is your greatest passion?

Wow, my greatest passion is kind of twofold. Well, honestly I believe it belongs to God now that I am able to see it. I’m just the vessel He decided to place the passion in to do His will and bring Him Glory.  I believe, “I have been established, anointed and sealed by God” (2 Corinthians1:21, 22) with enormous passion for women and relationships (especially women’s issues and single working mothers). 

Felicia, we are so blessed that God brought you and Gia to us at Celebration and that He is using you mightily for His glory!

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