Monday, May 19, 2014

An Interview with Jackie Segal

Do you personally know Jackie Segal? The purpose of these interviews is to feature women in the Celebration Church (Tampa) congregation and help others to get to know them more. Today it's our pleasure to introduce Jackie. Get to know her!


Jackie, where are you from?

I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida until three years ago. I moved to Land O’ Lakes and I live in Stonegate with my husband and two kids -- Noah and Ariel, and my two furry children Pearl and Fluffy.

Where do you work?

I am a homemaker.

Awesome! When did you say yes to Jesus?

I was raised going to church. I was baptized at a young age as well. I have also gone to the same church, First Coast Christian Center, up until we moved. My husband David and I got baptized together a few years back. We wanted to make a outward appearance that we live for Jesus. I have lived for Jesus my entire life along with ups and downs, but Jesus has always helped me back up and back on the right track. Jesus comes first in my life and I try to instill that in my children. By keeping him first in my life it helps to keep me from straying away. We all know what can happen when Jesus Christ is not there.

Can you tell us a bit about your family?

David & Jackie
 David and I have been together since April 8, 1999 and married on April 8, 2000. We have been married for 14 years now. We have two kids -- Noah Samuel is 12 and is in 6th grade and Ariel Jackalen is 10 is a 4th grade. Both kids take private piano lesson and sewing lessons. Ariel is also in American Heritage Girls. David works for Aetna, which is what brought us to Tampa to begin with. David has been with Aetna for 18 years -- thank God for that. We love to cruise! And the rest of our family is back in Jacksonville, Florida.

How did you end up at Celebration Church?

Noah & Ariel
The pastor’s wife at First Coast Christian Center gave us names of two churches to try. We went to one and it was just too big and didn’t feel right. We went to another church that was not recommended and it was too small. And we had not gone to church in a while, and I said, "I have to go to church to David. Let's go to the other church that Pastor’s wife said to go to." So we came to Celebration Church and it was just right! The atmosphere was friendly and inviting. The people were kind, and one thing that stood out was that Pastor Larry remembered my name the second time he saw me. Every service since then it’s just gotten better! One day soon I plan on becoming a member of Celebration Church.

We are so glad your family has found a home church with Celebration. We love you and look forward to what God will do, going forward, together.


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