Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Journey
A Poem by Cathy Sed

Cathy Sed

I wandered through the forest
when I felt it call my name
Knowing I'd never be the same
and that it's such a easy place
for someone to get lost 
From across I saw the beauty
And the wind it whispered to me 
But as I traveled further deeper 
I saw it for what it was 
Sunlight shielded by the treetops 
Creatures hiding in the shadows 
The path 
obscured by the underbrush
And my feet, they feel so heavy in the mud
So unsteady, as the shrubs 
and sticks and roots spread out 
and try to trip me up
Ran through brambles and thorns that grabbed my flesh 
Then took a breath because I knew that I could not give up yet 
Felt a pulling from within me
as I stepped out of the depths,
someone guiding my steps, 
and just as quickly as I wandered in 
I found that I had left 
And made it.
I could see the ocean and I knew that by the sea 
I could wash the dirt and all the blood away from me 
It was difficult, and stung,
As the salt filled my wounds, water in my lungs
But after I was through, I knew that I had been renewed
And even though my skin was screaming, there is always pain in healing
No one ever said that cleaning up was easy.
So I let the current take me far away
I discover peace amongst the stars and waves 
I awaken when the sunlight gives birth to the brightest day
A day of new beginnings, and I know I'm on my way. 


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