Monday, October 21, 2013

Unity Beyond Chick Chat!

First of all I would like to thank Pastor Deanna for allowing me the privilege of writing the very first post here at Celebration Women.

Last night was an amazing night at Chick Chat. I was excited to learn that extra seating had to be arranged for all of the women and teen girls who came. We had more than just a great turn out. You could feel the excitement in the room, as well as the love and unity as Pastor Deanna shared her heart with us.

Ladies, our co-pastor laid out a vision and shared her heart last night with us. We have heard the vision!  Now is the time for us to rally around! Not just last night at Chick Chat, but in the days and months ahead.

I want to remind you about how important unity is. Lets remember that Satan doesn't fear a large women's ministries. He fears a unified one! Lets be in unity for God's will not ours! How does unity happen? It's an endeavor, just like a symphony. We can all guess how much practice goes into a symphony! A symphony must be worked and so does unity, in order to stay in unity. Unity is also in our faces, our words and our actions. What are we showing? Lets be aware of those things in our lives.

Our main trademark must be love. Especially when new people walk through the doors of the church. Do we go out of your way to greet them? Do we pick up our things and go over to sit with them to make them feel comfortable? I know for sure that, that was one of the most welcoming things about Celebration, for me! When that person came over and sat with me it made me feel welcomed and loved. Let's reach outside of our normal boundaries and love on people. Don't wait for someone else to do it! Let’s move together in unity! Imagine what we can accomplish for Christ together as we get behind the vision of our pastors, in unity!! It’s going to be amazing ladies….I can see it! Lets rally together…beyond Chick Chat!!!

One last thing that God spoke to my heart is that God never gives the gift of discernment so we can criticize or discourage. He always gives a gift so we can build up – pray – encourage - worship and make a difference for him!

I love all of you ladies! You are all such a blessing to my life I hope and pray that this word touches your spirit and blesses your soul!!




  1. That's why I am here... at Celebration! It was because of YOU Rachael and Pastor Deanna.... and a bunch of other wonderful ladies who welcomed me and haven't stopped. EACH and every one of you made a difference! The other church experiences I had included getting lost in the crowd and no one knowing or remembering me. (Can you even imagine that? Ok, maybe you can but trust me as I get more comfy, you will hear more from me!)
    Thank you Celebration ladies!
    Keep up the awesome job you already did, and I look forward to Kickin' it Up with you (Bam!! as Emeril says- haha)
    Peace and Blessings ~Tracy~

  2. Thank you for your genuine love, Rachael, you truly are one of a kind! Love you, sister! By the way, great post! ~Angela